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The Company

Ve.Ca. Srl was born in 1976 as mould factory, specializing afterward in producing shelf brackets, glass clamps, handles and knobs, hooks and strenghtening systems. Throughout the years Ve.Ca. Srl has grown up becoming a well organized and well structured company, characterized by a dynamic creativity which allows to create original cutting edge models that are able to anticipate and shape market trends. Ve.Ca has fought fierce Foreign competition by remaining steadfast in its belief that there is no substitute for high quality, impeccable standards and reliability.

At Ve.Ca we continuously analyze and select each product according to stringent criteria, combining the latest technology with the most fashionable trends in the industry. It enables us to provide our customers with a wide range of functionally reliable as well as highly stylish and innovative products, material, and finishes. Each product is thougth to be functional and safe and to have a high visual impact, at the same time. In this way, both clients who value durability, and those who look at elegance and fashion can find something that meets their needs in our catalogue.
Our Research and Development team is continuously striving to create innovative products and designs. It is no coincidence that Ve.Ca. was one of the very first companies to create faux granite and handmade decorated knobs, faux wood and wrought iron brackets, handmade antique-effected hooks and soft PVC edge bandings for wooden shelves.
We replaced brass clamps and brackets with zamak moulded ones, introducing new innovative technologies that have been then acquired also by the major competitors in the sector.

Starting up with the concept that, a product should combine good quality and aesthetic appeal, and should also fit the location it is placed in, Ve.Ca. has developed high quality brackets, that, thanks to their design, can adapt both in a closet and in a living room, both in a backshop and in a window display. Ve.Ca.'s brackets are multifunctional, original and ornamental products. Our LIBERTY, RMFL, RM TRIO, RM 2003, BAROCCO, RM TRENDY, RM TECKNO, RM CRISTAL, RM ELLIS, RM ANTIQUA, RM ONDINA and ALADINO models, for instance, have an elegant and charming design which enhance crystal shelves.

Even a small usually less noticeable object, like a bracket or a handle, acquires great value in VE.CA., keeping the high profile standards of the real "Made in Italy", valued all over the world.